DCA (Diploma in Computer Application)

What is Computer?

Computer is an electronic device. It takes raw data from user as INPUT and processes it under the control of a set of instructions (that called program), and gives a result as OUTPUT.

Why Computer exists?

In Past Years it tooks lot of time to complete a simple work. Example repetitive calculations quickly and accurately Calculation,Files recording OR Writing etc.

Charles Babbage got the idea for the Difference Engine in 1820s when he was verifying mathematical tables and decided that was the job for a steam engine. He built a small prototype. It further they generated / manufacutre and modified as computer.

Where Computer Exists?

In Every offices, Homes every where exists., where ever required.

The main advantages of computers:

  • reduce the time with Accuracy
  • Reduction in Paper Work and Cost
  • High Speed
  • Storage Capability
  • Automation
  • Repeated tasks with the same speed and accuracy