What is HTML ?

HTML Stands for Hyper Text Markup Language.

HTML is a Simple Design code For representation of Page on World Wide Web.

HTML was created by Berners-Lee in late 1991.

HTML 2.0 First standerd specifications have and published in 1995.

Later on HTML 4.0 Version in 1999.

HTML5 Version published in 2012.

This Tutorial will teach you everything about HTML including latest Tags in HTML5 Version.

Where HTML use?

Your Internet Browser don't know how to display text and images. Then HTML Exists For that.

HTML is used for Web Page Design and Web Development.

After that Your web page dont know about design. Then style sheets/Themes that we call CSS.

Why HTML ?

The Authoring language used for World Wide Web.

The Reason for that it is a Markup Language.

Markup Language means your giving the defined tags to the text for how to display text.

HTML means Hyper Text Markup Language. Hyper text means your giving your web page to links (OR) you giving your image/text to links. thats why we call Hypertext.