Top Robotic Softwares.

Robotic software


the Open Robot Control Software project provides a Free Software toolkit for real time robot arm and machine tool control..


Open Platform Robotic Services is an open source project for robot development. It provides a solution including robot platform and GUI developing tools with the source code of robot device components.


A robot development kit platform to simulate industrial robots. RoboDK allows you to program any robot using Python and handles brand-specific syntax depending on your robot controller.


a software platform developed on the basis of the RT middleware standard. It is developed by National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology in Japan.


An open-source software framework for robotics for developing loosely coupled modules. It provides transparent concurrency management, inter-process (via sockets) and intra-process (via shared memory) blackboard-based communication and a linking technique that allows for input/output data ports conceptual system design. Modules for connecting to simulators and generic robot drivers are provided.


Mobile and Autonomous Robotics Integration Environment - is a Free Software using a component-based approach to build robotics software systems by integrating previously existing and new software components.

Experimental Robotics Framework

A software for making experiments with multiple robots in 3d, with support for the latest technologies, that sits on top of Player/Stage and Open/CV.


Free/Open Source Java library for Robotics, AI and Vision. Supports Pioneer, Khepera II & II, Hemission, Aibo and Finch robots as well as Player/Stage simulations.


Coupled-Layer Architecture for Robotic Autonomy. It is a collaborative effort among four institutions: NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA Ames Research Center, Carnegie Mellon, and the University of Minnesota.


Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio.